The staff and Governing Board of The Corner School, along with the Trustees and staff of UP – Unlocking Potential, fully recognise the responsibilities and duty placed upon them to have arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children, considering at all times what is in the best interests of the young person. We recognise that all staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in protecting children from harm.  We believe that our School should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment in which young people can grow and the environment promotes the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of each individual beneficiary. The welfare of the beneficiary is paramount. All children and young people, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse. T


All members of staff within our School and across UP-Unlocking Potential have a role to play in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Specific members of staff also have additional roles and responsibilities too.