Our curriculum & pedagogical approach are built
around the following key elements:

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A broad range of engaging activities

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Great support from the school team

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Small learning group sizes

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A focus on reading as a core skill which not only unlocks the rest of the curriculum for learners but also ignites a love for learning.

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A focus on developing core skills through literacy, working with numbers, scientific exploration and learning about the world.

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Physical activities which enable learners to thrive both physically, socially & emotionally.

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An innovative trauma-informed social & emotional curriculum for both learners and their family memebers.

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A broad range of extra-curricular activities, including Music, Drama and other Creative Arts.

Personalised Interventions

Visual timetables, sensory diets, movement breaks, transition time, and specialist learning equipment, strategies and pathways are structured into the daily implementation of the curriculum.  Personalised interventions are in place to support each individual pupil’s specific needs.

Therapeutic strategies are interwoven throughout the curriculum and the onsite school psychotherapist, speech and language therapist, and occupational therapist work as part of the specialist school team to support the development of a personalised curriculum provision.  This ensures access to a rich, broad, and balanced curriculum.  We focus on building upon each pupil’s strengths and addressing their existing gaps in learning to ensure they make accelerated progress, in all areas of school life, from their starting point.

As a school we make full use of our location to enhance our pupils’ learning experiences through regular school trips, such as visits to museums, exhibitions, productions, and sporting events.  Guest speakers and workshops are also held at the school, or virtually throughout the year, in line with the learning pathways.

Finding The Key

In our school, we believe that each child holds the key to unlocking their own potential.

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Real-World & Future-Focussed

Our learners engage in relevant work that matters to them, and the world.

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