Our Values

A Nurturing Environment

We deliver programmes of personalised support which place the child or young person at the centre of their progress.

We demonstrate humility and empathy for communities and families, understanding that needs and barriers can be complex and require multiple interventions over an extended period of time.

Transformational Practice

We have extremely high expectations for all members of our communities & believe that it is possible to support all children & young people to make rapid progress.

We develop high quality approaches which have a profound impact on wellbeing, learning & life chances.

We are committed to working with communities over an extended period of time to ensure that we can achieve our ambitious goals for the young people we work with.

Collective Impact

We recognise that no single organisation or approach can tackle the complex social issues facing our society and that we must work with partners to align our efforts around shared objectives.

We work in collaboration and share a common agenda with communities, families, schools, local authorities, citizens and other charities to achieve significant and sustainable social change.

We work with our partners to gather and measure data consistently, to ensure that our impact is transformational, sustainable and value for money.

Our Operating Principles

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We care about children, young people & their families.

We ensure that all members of the community feel that they have a voice and that they are genuinely listened to. We recognise that we can only provide transformational opportunities for children and young people if they know that we care about them and believe in their potential to succeed.

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We respond to their needs

Although we are very aware of the complex and multiple challenges which many children and young people face, we don’t label or stigmatise. We rigorously assess needs, listen to them and their families and take into account the work of partner organisations. We then put strategies in place which will be responsive to the needs they have.

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We ensure they are safe

Safeguarding is an absolute priority for us and we ensure that all of our colleagues and partners always put the safety and wellbeing of children and young people first. We have a strong culture of safeguarding across all areas of our work, and empower young people to understand how to be safe.

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we develope sustainability

We are determined to find solutions which ensure that children, young people and members of the community can take ownership of their own progress. We don’t allow for a culture of dependency and believe that the success of our work lies in children and young people becoming selfreliant and independent from us.

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We deliver effective programmes

We have a rigorous evaluation process, which involves quality assurance by the executive team, the board of trustees and external partners on a routine basis. We have a culture of constantly questioning whether our work is having a transformational impact on children and young people. We closely monitor all aspects of our work to ensure that we are delivering value for money.

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We are transparent & accountable

We believe in complete transparency in all aspects of our work and openly share our targets and impact with all stakeholders. We are not afraid to say if something isn’t working and are quick to adapt our practice if necessary. We have clear lines of accountability and strong performance management processes in place.