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We work with young people to find the key to learning, at the same time enabling attitudinal shifts of belief which open them up to transforming the way they think about themselves, their relationships and their learning.

We know from our experience of working with children that finding the key is a crucial ingredient in improving attitudes to learning for children who have not had positive experiences of learning in the past. We look for engaging ways of introducing and expanding learning which give learners a reason to engage and enjoy their learning.

Our team is creative in their approach to finding and building on keys with learners. Our multidisciplinary approach enables learners to successfully engage in a broad range of experiences where they can thrive. This can be based on:

  • A particular subject – music, reading, learning about the world, physical activity, working with numbers (to name just few)
  • A particular event or season of the year
  • A particular need which is identified in our needs analysis when a child joins our school
  • A shared plan put in place with the learner and the family when he/she starts at The Corner School
  • Most often a combination of the above

Radical Personalisation

We know that each child learns in a unique way and we tailor our teaching to meet the unique needs of each child.

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Real-World & Future-Focussed

Our learners engage in relevant work that matters to them, and the world.

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