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We know that in order to truly transform life chances and create independence for our learners then their learning experiences must lead to future opportunities which will enable them to thrive in a variety of working and learning environments. In practice this means that:

  • When we learn at The Corner School we explore all aspects of an area of learning, including how the learning will help learners thrive as they getting older.
  • We learn across subject areas, from initial enquiry through to presentation to a variety of authentic audiences.
  • We engage in relevant work that really matters.
  • We ensure that learners can forge their own, personalised pathways to career, further study and independence.
  • We create nurturing but challenging learning experiences which enable learners to progress and succeed beyond their own expectations.

Finding The Key

In our school, we believe that each young person holds the key to unlocking their own potential.

Radical Personalisation

We know that each child learns in a unique way and we tailor our teaching to meet the needs of every child.

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